World Oral Health Day 2023

Department of Oral Pathology – SRM Dental College, Ramapuram conducted several events to celebrate World Oral Health Day 2023 on 18.03.2023 and 20.03.2023. The Chief guests for the event were Mr. Gowthaman, Asst Commissioner of Police, Valasaravakkam division; Dr Boopesh, MD, MPH Zonal Health office, Valasaravakkam zone, Mr J Prabagaran, Sanitary Health office – Valasaravakkam zone.

The following events were organized in this regard – Undergraduate students (Ist and III years) participated in a poster competition based on the theme “Be Proud of Your Mouth”, there were a total of 90 posters submitted for the competition and were judged for the best posters. Prizes were given for best performers.

  •  Educational banners placed in the college campus
  • Oral Health Awareness rally
  • Pledge ceremony for faculty and students
  • Two 25ft Oral Health awareness banners were unveiled to the public.
  • Be proud of your mouth selfie frame booth
  • Placard
  • Be proud of your mouth selfie booth
  • Painting
  • Slogan Writing
  • Poster Competition – 90 participants.
  • Distribution of Educational Pamphlets for public
  • Short Film Making
  • Reels
  • Carving
  • Painting


  • Chief Guest Dr Boopesh recommended an outreach school adaptation programme where Oral Cancer awareness programmes can be conducted in schools to create awareness of tobacco products and to curb the menace of tobacco usage among students.
  • Rally – Awareness among the public about the college and dental care facilities provided.
  • Awareness among school students through oral health educational posters.
  • Event pictures and videos were shared on Social Media.
  • Students have shared pictures in social media.