Short Study

Short study
Dr.Krishna mohanA comparative study of dentinal tubules in attrited and normal teeth using light microscope and polarized light microscope.
Dr.SivaranjaniMorphogenic correlation between facial form and inter canine width: An aid in forensic dentistry .

Evaluation of variations in salivary pH and buffering action following consumption of acid food.

Fungal colonization on the denture of diabetic and non - denture diabetic patients apparently healthy patient
Dr.Preethi Analysis of Optical Mineralogy of Cemento - Enamel Junction in Deciduous Dentition'.
Dr.RamyaRadiologic evaluation of odontometric and osteologic traits in adult ethnic tamil population
Dr.AMRITHACorrelation between odontomorphometric features and anthropometric traits in the assessment of sexual dimorphism in Tamil ethnic pediatric population
Dr.NimoshiniDecoding Morphometric and histochemical traits of hyaline layer of Hopewell Smith
Dr.SwarnalakshmiAnalysis of DNA instability in periodontitis patients with DFF-45
Dr.SwarnalakshmiComparison of fixative property of aloe vera, honey and formalin fixed soft tissue specimen
Dr.SwarnalakshmiQuestionarre for evaluation of awareness among dentists on record maintanence for future forensic purpose
Dr.R.RamyaEvaluation of oral lesions invasion using oral inhalation therapy in bronchial asthma
Dr.SudheerkanthEvaluation of salivary pH in smokers and non smokers
Dr.Eapen CherianSalivary lactobacillus levels in caries prevalent individuals
Dr. DineshEvaluation and comparison of VEGF in OKC and ameloblastoma
Dr.AshwiniEvaluation of ki67 in dentgerous cyst and OKC
Dr.ArunachalamComparison of centrifuged liquid based cytology method with brush cytology in normal oral mucosa
Dr.BharanidharanQualitative analysis of Exfoliative cytology smear in smokers and nonsmokers
Ashwini AjayUse of Red beet and henna extract as a stain for various tissue sections
G.SudhaEvaluation of tissue fixation using organic substitute- A comparative study
DivyalakshmiRoot length – A determinant tool of sexual dimorphism in an ethnic Tamil population
LekshmyJayanTongue Prints : Evaluation of morphological variations in ethnic Tamil population
Monika SrivastavEvaluation of non-metric dental traits in ethnic tamil population
NivedithaThampanDawn to dusk : Antemortem dental records v/s individual identification
Priyadharini SUniqueness of mesio distal dimension ratio- A preliminary approach in victim identification
Priyadharshini S.KThe journey – Tooth dimensikon to facial reconstruction in victim identification
R.A.AnitaPriyaComparative study of smokers and non-smokers using PAS and Acridine orange
N.AishwaryaA comparative cytomorphic study of oral leukoplakia with respect to normal subjects in oral PAP smears
R.P.SrikanthEffects of tobacco smoking on keratinization of palatal mucosa –A cytological study
G.M.SudarsanOral exfoliative cytology sample collection using tooth brush and cytobrush – A comparative analysis
S.SunilPrakashCytomorphometric analysis of reactive oral mucosa due to friction
N.VaishnaviA comparative cytological study of OSMF and normal patients
Aadithi.M.GComparative study of cytosmears of leukoplakia patients with healthy controls using feulgen and light green staining
R.ChandiniQuantification of PMNL from cytosmear using peripheral smear and neubauer chamber in pan chewers
A.E.NagarathinamCytomorphometric analysis of oral cytosmears in chronic kidney disease
Prasanna.SAgNOR staining of cytosmear from smokers tobacco chewers
Sravya.ZComparison of PAP stained smears using different fixative (spray fixation and wet fixation)
Swarna LakshmiQuantitative analysis of copper granules with rhodonin stain in OSMF patients
Dr.ArulmozhiCandida carriage and serum C reactive protein levels in tobacco smokers – A correlative study
Dr. AbeleneQualitative assessment of candida species among complete denture wearers with systemic illness and without systemic illness
Dr. Bagavathi PrasadA comparative study of lemon skin oil, liquid dish wash solution and detergent liquid as alternative for xylene in routine H & E staining
Dr.HariniPriyaA comparative study of routine and microwave decalcification of tooth using three different decalcifying agents
Dr. MalarDetection of ovulation by salivary arborization/ferning pattern using a cell scope and comparing it with urine ovulation strip detection
Dr. SureshPhase contrast microscopic features of oral mucosa