Library Dessertations

1Differential diagnosis of oral ulcers by Hemalatha .A
2Wound healing, PRT and PRP in wound healing by Karunya K
3Oral manifestations of Anemia by Sahanaz Praveen Ahamed
4Epithelial biology and pathogesis of vesiculobullous lesions by P Mahalakshmi
5immunology of dental caries by immunology of dental caries
6Grossing in oral pathology by Sudha G
7Molecular mechanism of low level laser therapy - Dr.Arulmozhi
8Viral infections of oro-facial region – Dr.Abelene
9Cytotoxicity – Dr.Bagavathi Prasad
10Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) – Dr.Harinipriya
11Reshaping viral diagnostics – Dr.A.D.A Malar
12Micro RNA – A normal player in regulation of gene expression – Dr.Suresh
13Microarray by Dr. R. Swarna Lakshmi
14Surgical Margin by Dr. A. E. Nagarathinam
15Stem cell and its markers in oral cavityby Dr. M. G. Aadithi
16Neutrophil Chemotaxis by Dr. R. Chandini
17ABO Blood Grouping and its implication in oral disease by Dr. S. Prasanna
18Collagen synthesis and Regulationby Dr. Z. Sravya
19Cell Line in Dental Research by Dr. R. P. Srikanth
20Applications of Frozen Sections by Dr. G. M. Sudarsan
21Exfoliative Cytology in Oral Diseasesby Dr. S. Sunilprakash
22Immunology in Oral Disease by Dr.VaishnaviDhanvantri
23Metastasis of its Molecular Basis by Dr.Aishwarya Lakshmi
24Genomic Tools in Oral Pathologyby Dr. Anita Priya
25Forensic Application of Dental Hard Tissues by Dr. R. Bharanidharan
26GENE Polymorphism in Oral CancerbyDr. R. Sangeetha
27Gender Determination by Dr. J. Dinakaran 
28Myeloperoxidase Activity in Oral Diseasesby Dr.Arunachalam
29Fibroblast Growth Factor in Health and Disease by Dr.DiptenDey
30Salivary Proteomics by Dr. U. Shebnem
31Tumor Microenvironment by Dr. S. MEERA 
32Microdissection by Dr.D.Pavithra 
33Cell Culture by Dr.Satish Kumar 
34Exfoliative cytology by Dr. Anil Kumar T.
35Epithelial mescenchymal interaction by Dr.Jayasekharan V. P.
36Image Analysis by Dr.Karthika P.
37Genetic profiling of Premalignant lesions by Dr.Varun Chopra
38Salivary and Serum Biomarkers of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC) by Dr. Mathew Jacob
39Prognostic Indicators in oral premalignant lesions and condition by Dr.NeetuOommen
40Homeobox genes – Tooth patterning (COMPLETED) by Dr. T. Dinesh Kumar
41Stem cells (COMPLETED) by Dr.Nandhini G
42Pathogenesis of Lichen Planus and its malignant transformation (COMPLETED) by Dr.Ashwini BK 
43Oral Epithelial dysplasia (COMPLETED) by Dr.HemaniSukhija 
44Multinucleated Giant Cell (COMPLETED) by Dr.Jayakiran M.
45Early detection of Cancer (COMPLETED) by Dr. Suresh V.
46Malignant transformation of leukoplakia – A reliable identification method (COMPLETED) by Dr.EapenCherian
47Apoptosis (COMPLETED) by Dr.RamyaMalini
48Carcinogenesis (COMPLETED) by Dr.SudheerKanth
49Pathogenesis and diagnosis of fungal infections by Dr.Krishna mohan
49Salivary metabolomics by Dr.Ramya
50Profibrotic gene targets in fibrosis by Dr.Amritha
51Radiation biology - Insite of Effects on Oral Structures by Dr.Preethi
52Stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth by Dr.Sivaranjani
53Orofacial fungal infection by Dr.Nimoshini